High School Boys

Our high school boys program is a competitive and remarkably fun time. High School aged boys from all over Northern NJ come out to play. 

Rugby In Northern NJ: We enjoy the area and the athletes that come from it. Our goal is to maintain close relationships with local schools and sports programs. We believe we give athletes fundamentals in running, tackling and character that carry into other contact sports and life. Our program is no "walk in the park". We've been praised by other athletics for helping players improve in areas of fitness and technique for fall and winter sports. 

On The Field: Our program will challenge you physically beyond your limits as you join a team sport like no other on earth! We always say "15 strive so that one might score". You will learn to trust and support your brothers on the team.

Off The Field: We challenge our boys to grow as men during their time in our program. From spending time with other players and building each other up, to facilitating off the field community projects and fun outreach functions for new players.